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Since 1910, Hassard Bonnington’s team of experienced attorneys have delivered consistent results in and out of the courtroom. We provide sophisticated representation with innovative solutions to a diverse clientele. We represent clients with significant challenges across the litigation spectrum. We are experienced, efficient, and effective.

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The firm’s attorneys have extensive expertise representing public and private entities, as well as individuals, in all levels of litigation and pre-litigation risk management.


Hassard Bonnington is California’s preeminent and most enduring healthcare litigation firm. We understand the law, the medicine, and the needs of our clients – from solo practitioners to large institutions. For over a century, the attorneys at Hassard Bonnington have defended healthcare providers and institutions in medical negligence lawsuits and medical and nursing board matters and provided the medical community with legal advice on a variety of issues.


Our experienced, trial-tested counsel provide proven representation across the legal spectrum. Hassard Bonnington is a go-to firm for significant and sensitive litigation matters. We are experienced in probate, personal injury, partnership and other business disputes, and complex litigation matters.


We provide advice for risk management and prevention strategies for individuals and entities in a wide range of matters.

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Hassard Bonnington’s dedicated attorneys represent a distinguished legal legacy spanning more than a century.

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Medical negligence and loss of consortium alleged against neurologist. Defense verdict on the statute of limitations.

Defense judgment entered on behalf of fertility clinic and reproductive endocrinologist arising from allegations of negligence, breach of fiduciary duty, conversion, and receipt of stolen property. Plaintiff, the widow of a clinic patient, alleged her deceased husband’s sperm was used to impregnant another woman without her consent. The deceased had presented to the clinic with his mistress, claiming to be a married couple seeking to have another child (they had an older son together). After several unsuccessful rounds of IVF, the couple agreed to try conception using donor eggs and the male partner’s sperm. Prior to the transfer of the embryo, the male partner died. The female partner did not notify the clinic of his death and proceeded with the transfer, which resulted in a successful pregnancy and the birth of twins. The female partner brought a child support claim against the male’s estate, seeking support for her older son and her twins. The clinic learned of both the male’s death and the existence of a widow when a subpoena was issued for clinic records. The plaintiff widow subsequently sued the clinic and the reproductive endocrinologist, alleging she was the rightful owner of her late husband’s sperm, and any use of his sperm without her consent was improper. Shortly before the close of evidence, plaintiff dismissed her negligence claim. Defendants’ non-suit motion was granted as to the breach of fiduciary duty claim. A jury verdict was returned in favor of defendants regarding the receipt of stolen property claim, and in favor of plaintiff on the conversion claim. However, shortly after the jury verdict, the court granted defendants’ motion for judgment notwithstanding verdict, finding the conversion claim was unsupported by the evidence.

Medical malpractice claim against hospital. Three-week jury trial involving numerous medical experts with complicated medicine and sympathetic facts. August 2018

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